The disadvantages of Pool Heat Pumps in the past were:

  1. High sound levels. It could be very annoying to yourself and your neighbours to have a unit with a sound level of around 60 db in the garden.
  2. Sensitivity to chemical levels. It was very important to keep chlorine and PH at safe levels so that they wouldnĂ˝ wear away the heat exchanger.
  3. Low effectivity in low temperatures. Most units didnt have automatic defrost and, even if they did, they had to stop frequently to defrost.

The advantages of the NEW Calorex Pro-Pac Pool Heat Pumps:

  1. The compressor is sound-proofed and the new type fans are much quieter. Models run at under 45 db.
  2. The titanium heat exchanger will not be affected by chemical levels in the pool water.
  3. The New Generation Automatic Defrost will remove any frost from the unit WITHOUT stopping the compressor.

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