The rain and the lower nighttime temperatures will cool your pool down and the only way to bring the temperature back up is with a pool heat pump. The best pool heat pumpon the market is the CALOREX Pro-Pac due to its sound-proofed compressors, titanium heat exchangers and intelligent automatic defrost. They also have the unique option of being able to be installed in the pump room or outside. See more at http://www.acair.com



By law all pools in Spain should have some type of safety system to avoid drownings. The most effective are physical barriers such as fences and covers. The advantages of each are:

Fences: A good quality fence will come with a self-closing child proof gate and is an excellent safety system.

Covers: A good quality safety automatic pool cover will be an excellent barrier against drownings. It will also reduce heat loss and the amount of chemicals needed. At the same time it will keep your pool much cleaner.

Why not heat your pool with a Calorex Pro-Pac Pool Heat Pump and install a top quality automatic pool cover and have a pool you can enjoy all year round and not have to worry about the safety aspect?

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Thinking of heating your pool?

There are 2 ways that you can legally heat your pool in Spain, with a heat pump or with solar panels. Solar panels have the first big disadvantage that is the space necessary to locate the panels. You need an area similar to that of the pool surface. The second disadvantage is that the output is very low in cloudy weather. Normally after a few rainy days in October with no heat output and lots of cold rain in the pool, the swimming season is over until mid to late spring. The investment necessary to install a solar system to your pool is by far outweighed by the small benefit.

On the other hand, heat pumps can guarantee you a swimmable temperature on the Costa del Sol throughout winter. There is also an initial cost and monthly running costs but at least the pool will be usable all year.

ACAIR are the Costa del Sol agents for Calorex Pool Heat Pumps. Calorex have the NEW Pro-Pac range of pool heat pumps that have sound-proofed compressors, titanium heat exchangers and intelligent automatic defrost. These are by fat the best pool heat pumps ever made.

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WHY have a noisy pool heat pump in your garden when you can have a quiet, efficient and durable CALOREX Pro-Pac Pool Heat Pump in your pool pump room?

Only the Calorex Pro-Pac can be installed in the pump room or outside and also has:

  • Sound-proofed compressor for quiet running.
  • Intelligent automatic defrost for higher efficiency in winter.
  • Latest generation of titanium heat exchangers for long life.

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Most Pool Heat Pumps have titanium heat exchangers that will make them more long lasting. Now the CALOREX Pro-Pac range has 3 other features that no other pool heat pump has:

  • Sound-proofed compressors. Calorex Pro-Pac pool heat pumps are 50% quieter than others.
  • Can be installed in or out of your pool pump room. If you have space in your pool pump room it can be installed out of sight and hearing.
  • Intelligent automatic defrost. The Pro-Pac will run free of frost in temperatures down to 3ºC thus being much more efficient in winter than their competitors. It will achieve this without ever turning off the compressor.

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Today we have an expected high of 30ºC and sunny but pool temperatures are low due to lower nighttime temperatures. You could be enjoying a warm pool with a NEW Calorex Pro-Pac Pool Heat Pump. They are quieter, more efficient and more durable than other pool heat pumps thanks to their sound-proofed compressors, intelligent automatic defrost and titanium heat exchangers. See more at http://www.acair.com