In the 1970´s Calorex made the first pool heat pump. Calorex are a UK company based in Maldon, Essex and are currently market leaders in pool heat pumps and dehumidifiers. The first model was very basic compared to modern pool heat pumps but it was made specifically for heating a pool and the heat exchanger was made to withstand pool water chemicals. One of the first units made was imported to Spain by Gerald Zabell and installed to a pool in Marbella.
Calorex grew as a company and began to export to many countries and Gerald became one of their main clients abroad. In 1986 Gerald and his son Tim started Acair, a Costa del Sol based company selling and installing air conditioners and pool heat pumps. They have been the agents for Calorex all these years and have seen the heat pumps evolve from the original basic units to the latest Pro-Pac range of domestic pool heat pumps. The heat exchangers which in the past have been made of fibre glass and copper-nickel are now made of titanium, designed to endure even the most extreme chemical imbalance in swimming pool water. Titanium heat exchangers are very much standard in most pool heat pumps these days though not all are equal. Calorex use the latest generation of titanium heat exchangers that have proved to be very durable.
Calorex have also incorporated 3 other features that make their Pro-Pac range far superior to any other pool heat pump on the market. They are the following:
– Sound-proofed compressors. The compressors in the Pro-Pac range have the compressors encased in sound-proofing materials that make them totally inaudible.
– Smart defrost. With other makes of pool heat pumps, one of the main disadvantages is the fact that in winter temperatures the unit will often cut out to let the coil defrost. When this happens, valuable time is lost as the compressor will stop and let the fan draw air through the coil to defrost it and then when the coil has completely defrosted and after a time delay the compressor will restart. This will continue to happen in cycle over the length of the day resulting in a lot of time lost. The Calorex Smart Defrost will not stop the compressor but instead will open a valve momentarily letting a small amount of warmer refrigerant gas through the coil which will avoid the coil frosting over and maximising running time.
– The Calorex Pro-Pac range of pool heat pumps are designed in such a way that they can be installed in a pool pump room if there is space or outside if there isn´t. Having it installed inside the pump room is a big advantage as it removes the unit from sight and hearing and makes it more efficient as it draws in warmer air from the pump room. No other heat pump on the market is designed to go in the pump room and this can only be done by installing ducting that makes the unit more efficient.
Calorex currently export to over 60 countries worldwide and have an enormous variety of ranges including pool heat pumps that can cool your pool as well as heating it. These are specially designed for the Persian Gulf states.
Calorex are also world leaders in dehumidifiers. These are designed to remove humidity from indoor pool halls, transforming cold, humid air into warm, dry air thus making the pool hall comfortable and avoiding condensation and damage.
Acair have installed way over a thousand Calorex pool heat pumps in the 30 years we have been in business, most of them on domestic swimming pools. We have also heated pools in a number of residential communities and are specialists in heating and dehumidifying indoor pools, some in luxury hotels on the coast. We still regularly service a few Calorex pool heat pumps that we installed in the 1980´s and that are still running well.
Calorex are a great company for several reasons. Not only do they make the best products with the latest innovations and made to last but they also offer an excellent back up. On the rare occasions when a spare part is required, it is normally in our hands within 24 hours of ordering it. For these reasons we are happy to recommend and install Calorex´s products. We feel comfortable installing a product that is of an excellent quality and that has a great technical team in the UK offering us a superb back up when needed.
If you are interested in being able to enjoy your pool all year round instead of just a few months of the year, please contact us and we will visit you and advise you. We have a great deal of expertise in this field. We offer a top quality installation using only the best materials available and installed by our qualified installers and technician who have all been working for us for at least 13 years.


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