As the leading company installing pool covers in Marbella, the Costa del Sol and Sotogrande we would like to give some advice which may be useful to you if you are thinking of purchasing a pool cover.
The first thing is, what do you expect from a pool cover? Some pool covers are designed to keep the heat in the pool, others to keep the dirt out and others to make your pool safe for children and pets. Some will even do all of the above. The main types of pool covers are:
-Manual covers with or without a roller. These covers are good heat retention covers but will not keep your pool much cleaner than it would be without a cover and are definitely NOT safety covers. They´re useful if your only intention is to keep the heat from escaping but not recommendable if there will be small children around.
-Semi-automatic or fully automatic floating covers. These are excellent heat retention covers and are also good safety covers but they are not designed to keep the leaves and dirt out. They are normally the neatest looking covers.
-Fully automatic covers on tracks. These are all purpose covers that are excellent heat retention covers, great safety covers and will keep all debris out of the pool. The drawback is that they completely cover the pool and are not so nice to look at.
If you would like any further advice or a no obligation free estimate contact ACAIR or visit http://acair.com/pool-coversmarbella-malaga-costa-del-sol/phone december 2015 038


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