As the leading company installing pool covers on the Costa del Sol we would like to offer some tips and advice. The main reason most of our clients purchase a pool cover from us is to reduce heat loss on a pool that is heated throughout the winter. This is due to the fact that we are the leading pool heating company on the Costa del Sol as agents for Calorex and their excellent pool heat pumps and dehumidifiers. But there are other reasons for having a pool cover. Let´s go over these:

– To reduce heat loss. Many different types of pool covers can help to keep the heat in the pool. From the most economical `blue bubble wrap´ type which is a very effective heat retention cover though not a good cover for keeping your pool clean and definitely not a safety cover to semi- and fully automatic covers. Pretty much any cover will help to reduce heat loss but other factors should be taken into account when deciding which cover is best for you.
– To keep the pool clean. Most covers are not very good at helping to keep the pool cleaner as with most systems, most of what is on the cover when you roll it will go in the pool.The best cover for this is the fully automatic CAP system which almost hermetically closes your pool and stops leaves and dirt from blowing into the pool.
– To make your pool safe for children and pets. For this we need to look at fully automatic covers like the `slat´ type and the CAP cover. Both of these are excellent safety covers, while the covers are closed of course. Both can be walked accross even by adults making them excellent safety covers.

While these are the 3 main reasons that people fit covers to their pools, there are also other considerations, not least of all the cost, but also aesthetics.

– Though manual covers are considerably cheaper than automatic ones, one must take into account that they will not only not keep leaves and debris out of the pool but they are a safety concern if there are children or pets around. The manual cover will actually make your pool less safe for children and pets than if you didn´t have a cover at all. The aesthetics are obviously affected by the fact that there is a roller standing at one end of the pool but they are relatively discreet and can be easily rolled away at the end of the season.
– Semi-automatic covers can be neat and discreet and can be good safety covers when they are closed but the fact that they are more cumbersome make it more likely that they will be left open for longer periods thus making them less effective as safety covers. They are also good heat retention covers.
– CAP covers. These are the most expensive covers on the market and may not be the most aesthetically pleasing but they have many advantages. They are excellent heat retention covers and will keep your pool clean like no other cover can. They are also excellent safety covers as they can be walked on. They are also long lasting and can be fitted to any shape pool.
– `Slat´ type. These are our personal favourites. Although they won´t do much to keep your pool clean they are the neatest looking covers on the market and can even run off solar energy they produce themselves. They are good safety covers, excellent heat retention covers and very long lasting but can only be fitted to regular shaped pools.

So, in summary, it depends on what you expect from a cover, what you´re prepared to spend and the shape of the pool. If your pool is of a regular shape we highly recommend the `slat´ type as it ticks all the boxes and is long lasting, looks great and not prohibitively expensive. The CAP type is highly recommendable if aesthetics are not too important, the pool is an irregular shape and price is not an issue. The manual types are ok if you are only looking at keeping the heat in and there are no small children or pets or price is really an issue.

We are happy to give you any further advice you may need on pool covers or pool heating. We are also specialists at heating and dehumidifying indoor pools. We work all over the provinces of Málaga, Cadiz and Granada and have been in businees for 30 years. We have been partners with Calorex since 1986 and highly recommend their latest range of Pro-Pac pool heat pumps. These have sound-proofed compressors, smart defrost, titanium heat exchangers and can be installed in the pump room or outside depending on the space available.

You can read more about us by visiting our website and you can see some photos of covers at http://acair.com/pool-coversmarbella-malaga-costa-del-sol/


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